Monday, May 24, 2004

Making the Right Decision

So now that we're speeding quickly towards June and eventually August will hit as if no summer had even occurred, I'm beginning to worry. Is law school the right decision for me? Thirty thousand a year is a whole lotta money and if the legal field is not the right place for me, I may end up dropping out of law school altogether, in which case I will have wasted away all that money and for year of the law school experience and nothing to show for it? The problem is - how do I figure out if law school really is the right place for me? I'm assuming that many people who enter the profession have always known that they wanted to have a legal career, but there have got to be other people like me out there - people who are doing it because they believe (though not 100% sure) that it is what they want to do since they find the legal field interesting. Do these people ultimately drop out since they weren't completely sure to begin with? Do they finish law school and end up in an unrelated career that doesn't even require a JD or a graduate degree anyway? Don't mind me. I'm just nervous about law school and am wondering if I'm doing the right thing by leaving the working world where I get paid and returning to the academic world where I will pay. I hope I get over this soon. I'm sure in a year from now, I'll be happy that I entered law school and will probably just laugh at how nervous I was.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Welcome to the World of the Issue Spotter

Well welcome everyone. Yeah yeah, no one is out there, unless, of course, you came upon this site randomly - in which case - welcome! Anyway, this being the first post and all I should probably tell you a little about me. I am a law student. No wait. Not yet. I will be a law student in the Fall of 2004. So yes, I am just one more law blogger (or blawger) added to the mix. Well - I'm not quite sure what else you want to know about me. I feel like I'm writing a personal ad here trying to tell you all about me in this one little post...not that I've ever put up a personal ad...and not that there's anything wrong with anyone who puts up personal ads. Anyway, if you want to know more, just ask, and I'll answer. Or you can just wait for the posts to come and find out about me that way. Okay.